1. This I Know

From the recording This I Know



Verse 1 Imagine today is the day in your life
When the world wants to know who you
Picture strangers and friends, slowing down, leaning in
Hoping to see just a glimpse of your heart
Pretend the world is your stage
Oh, But just for today,
It's your turn, go on put on your show
Your ten seconds is here
Look around, we're all ears
What's the one thing you want us to know?
Well, as for me
This I know

Chorus-I don't care what the world may think
I'm going to cling to what I KNOW
Jesus gave His life upon the cross
Be cuz He loved us so...
So much that He would bleed and die
Like a criminal, hung on a tree
But hallelujah death, it did not win
And He rose in victory
And now He lives inside my heart
Yes I KNOW that He is real
He's not some crazy, made up fantasy
He's not some feeling that I feel
Now some will question how I KNOW it's true
but to me it's clear to see
this I KNOW,
THIS I know
Cuz of the CHANGE He made in me

Verse 2-Imagine today is the end of your life
All that matters is who you once were
Picture family and friends, showing up and sharing
Their accounts of what your life stood for
pretend you're stopped at the gate
you meet God face to face
It's your turn, now your story to tell
All Eternity waits
It's time for you to plead your case
Do you know Jesus
Do you know Him well?
Well as for me here's my story to tell

Jesus loves me this I know
this I know, this I know
Jesus loves you this I know
This I know, this I know