My Story

I am blessed to be the youngest child, raised in a family of music lovers.  My dad preferred classic country, and introduced me to the sounds of Merle Haggard, George Jones and Ernest Tubb, while my mom was in the other room listening to Simon and Garfunkel and probably playing the piano.  My brother played a mean lead guitar and his radio dial was always tuned to the latest rock and roll station, unlike my sister, who was a huge disco fan.  So, it's no surprise that my songwriting is all over the map.  

My debut release contains 6 songs that are very different, musically speaking, mixing the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughn with Stevie Wonder and including piano-driven ballads as well as some screaming guitar licks, flamenco-style acoustic guitar passes (thank you David Massey) and even some classic country stylings.  I hope the diversity makes this first release, called Inspired, unusually appealing across a wide spectrum of musical genres.  

My second release, called "This I Know" is also definitely a musical smorgasbord.  It's got a bit more country flair to it, thanks to the musical genius of Nashville musician Tom Hemby (guitars, harmonica & mandolin).  And, once again partnering with award winning arranger/producer, Fletch Wiley, I was able to include a lot of musical variety on this second record.  There's a great jazzy tune called "Right As Rain" that was a fun collaboration between Fletch Wiley (writing the music) and myself (writing the lyrics).  There's also a live acoustic guitar song, which was a first for me to record, called "Heavenly Father", that was written the day my father passed away, as well as an electronic dance remix, called "Open Up Your Heart", which was created in the studio by myself and Jet Jaguar.  The title track, which sounds like it was written in a little girl's room, complete with a twirling ballerina music box, is a chance for me to share my story, actually my testimony, of what my relationship with Jesus Christ has meant to my life.

More importantly to me however, and beyond the variety in the sound of my songs, is the fact that what I really hope will appeal to people is the positive and encouraging lyrics.  My two favorite sayings, "Happiness is a choice" & "All good things come from God" definitely come across in my songs. I sincerely hope the message in my music will Inspire listeners to make the most of every moment and to seek Peace and Hope and Love.