From the recording This I Know


Heavenly Father

(Spoken Intro)
I wrote this song the day my dad died
and I played it at his funeral.
I'd like to dedicate it, not only to him,
But to anyone who has ever mourned
the loss of a loved one, especially the
loss of a parent.
For me personally, I find immense
comfort in knowing, that because of
Jesus, I'll see my dad again.
And in the meantime, I am grateful for
my Heavenly Father, who I know
watches over me.

Heavenly father
I give my dad to you
And though my heart is heavy
It's filled with gratitude

For all the good times filled with
All the jokes and all the smiles
For all the places that we've been
and all we've seen across the miles

Oh and even thru the tough times
Even in my darkest days
I know you were the guiding hand
That helped us find our way

Heavenly Father we know our lives
have changed for now
We thank you for your steadfast love
and to you we humbly bow

And now to you my dearest daddy
I know that we will meet again
So you can rest in the angels arms
cuz I'll be held by my Heavenly
Father.....til then