1. You Are

From the recording This I Know


You are

Verse 1-Wild and crazy
(Or) just plain lazy
My moods they come and go
In a hurry
(Or) no need to worry
On my own
I'm either way too fast
or so so slow

Chorus-But when my life feels upside down
You are my right side up
And when I think I can't go on
I find your strength is more more than enough
And when I think I've lost my way
You are my bright North Star
And I love u
for who you are

Verse 2-Whether I'm here or there you're everywhere
You're always by my side
Your love for me has set me free
And on the cross
You humbly gave your life to give me mine


Bridge-And you are
Everything in me that's good
And you are
All I need