From the recording Inspired


You're Not Alone Lyrics

Your heart is heavy
Your minds running wild
This game called life
Its got you beat
And no ones on your side
I know it feels like that
But that's not the truth
The one who made you
And died to save you
Is calling out to you

(He says) You're not alone
You're not alone
When trials rise
And tear drops fall
You think you're on your own
I'm here for you
Right here for you
So take my hand
I'll lead you home
Because you're not alone

You say You've made some choices
You say You've got regrets
I bet You've told yourself
Things will never change and its all a mess
I know it seems like that
But that's not the truth
Theres one who loves you
Stands above you
reaching down to you


Bridge: He'll Never leave u or forsake you
No matter what you've done
so let his loving arms
give you rest
whenever your runnings done
you can bring the best you have
Or the worst you've seen
lay every last thing down
His grace is enough
To lift you up
You were lost
but now you're found