From the recording Inspired


Open up your heart

Verse 1-Faded memories
Of the times we shared
Wish I'd told them
How much I cared
And distant voices
Echo in my ear
Reminding me that you got to
love em while they're here
And I know
That they had to go
Because of me
Cuz I didn't see

Sometimes the words we didn't say
Are the ones they need to hear
And the time we didn't take
Was when they needed someone near
Sometimes a moment comes and goes
And you wish you had it back
You gotta open up your heart
Live each day like its your last

Verse 2-Tomorrow's memories
Are being made today
And everything I've fought to get
I'll gladly give away
Cuz the only thing worth keeping
Is this truth I know
It's telling me if you love someone
you gotta let em know
And I pray
That they'll choose to stay
Because of me
Cuz now I see


Yes it's true
Times one thing that just won't wait on you
so theres no excuse
To keep em waiting on the things you wish they knew